Maryhill Barracks, Glasgow

Maryhill Barracks, Glasgow

I found this wonderful story about Clement Freud when researching Maryhill Barracks in Glasgow yesterday. Joe was sent there for further combat training after he joined the Royal Warwickshires during WW2.  Apparently at one time  Clement Freud was called up to join the Royal Highland Infantry at Maryhill. The story, from the Scottish Herald dated 4th June 2013, goes like this:

Thousands of soldiers passed through Maryhill Barracks over the years, not only in wartime but during national service.  Broadcaster and author Clement Freud, grandson of psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, told the story of reporting for duty at Maryhill Barracks accompanied by a chap whose name was read out after Freud’s as “Jung”. Thinking of the other eminent psychotherapist Carl Jung, Clement cheerily told him that was the most amazing coincidence, the two of them arriving at the same time. His fellow recruit listened to him impassively before eventually saying: “My name’s actually Young.”



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