Briton Brush Company Wymondham, Norfolk 1930s

My grateful thanks to Richard Fowle of the Wymondham Town Archive for permission to use these two wonderful photos of the factory workers at Briton Brush Company during the 1930s.  Joe’s wife Jean Skitmore worked there for a short while as a young woman before WW2 and once he had been demobbed, Joe took a job there in the Accounts Department.  The biography is coming along – up to 1955 and counting….img002 img013

One thought on “Briton Brush Company Wymondham, Norfolk 1930s

  1. My mother Muriel Cator worked at the Briton Brush factory at the same time where she was very good friends with Jean’s sister Marjorie Skitmore who happened to be my Godmother. I have photos of Marjorie at my mother’s wedding and also with me. They lived in railway carriages in Leys Lane Attleborough.

    David Cator


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