Joe and I shared a platform again this morning (no, not at Norwich station).  We spoke together for the Norfolk Out and About Club (for over 55s) in the beautiful Methodist Church on Chaplefield in Norwich.  There were no less than 85 members there – the biggest crowd I have yet spoken to –  and each one hung on his every word as he described how he developed Stirling Holidays from 1955 onwards.  I added in some stuff about meeting Joe, researching the book, finding a publisher in Pen and Sword Books and now completing the draft of the book.  We had a lot of fun with the lovely people there, many of whom came up to Joe and me afterwards with stories from their past that connected with aspects of Joe’s life.

Oh, and when I got home there is an email from my publisher asking me to commit to a delivery date.  I am prepared to go public on this – I have opted for 24th April.  Wish me luck…..

Venue for our talk to the Out and About Club
Venue for our talk to the Out and About Club

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