This afternoon I drove Joe Stirling and his niece Gail to visit a lovely lady in a village near Norwich called Little Plumstead. I came across  Ann Ramsbottom when looking at the recent ‘Let’s Talk’ website following the article by Derek James about Joe.  Ann had previously written to the editor of ‘Let’s Talk’ on the subject of the person you would most like to meet. Ann had written: ‘The person I would love to meet is Joe Stirling, former travel agent and Sheriff of Norwich.  I was very moved by story on the radio and find him a very brave and fascinating  gentleman’.  I thought ‘I can make this happen’ and this afternoon I did. We had an appointment after lunch, rolled up and found a lovely genuine couple who have lived in their bungalow since 1967.  Ann was clearly ‘star struck’ and Joe loved it!  We had tea and home-made cake and Joe told Ann snippets from his story, while they shared with us their son’s success in a Cross-Sahara endurance run.  Photos were taken, hands were shaken, thank you’s all round.  Thank you to Ann and husband Reg for their hospitality.

Meeting a fan!
Meeting a fan!

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