Now I know it may a little thing, but the index has taken a lot of blood, sweat and tears so I now feel the need to share that with the world!  This is my final piece of the jigsaw to actually create this my first published book and it was special to email it off this morning to my lovely editor Stephen Chumbley.   The life of Joe Stirling has been so diverse, so complex, that the index ran to 6 pages, with the most bizarre combinations of subjects within one alphabetical section.  Where else would you find Attleborough and Auschwitz, Screaming Lord Sutch and Salvation Army, Norwich Football Club and Nickenich, Travel Trade Gazette and the Three C’s Youth Club nestling  together in one index?  To give you a flavour of the amount of content in Escaping Hitler, I now reveal page 1 of the index!!!  Please ‘like’ my Escaping Hitler facebook page to be kept up to date on publication dates, signing events and how to order your signed copy in the New Year.

Example of Index in Escaping Hitler
Example of Index in Escaping Hitler

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