I could not have been more excited!  On Tuesday this week I turned up at Jarrold’s Book Department, as agreed, to meet with Chris Rusby the department manager and Marketing Manager Carole Slaughter.  We sat at the very table in their cafe as shown in the photo below (I sat where the lady in the striped top is sitting) and Chris bought me a frothy coffee.  I was concerned that I might sport a white moustache throughout the discussion, but I think I kept it under control!  We were there for nearly an hour talking about the book, Joe, when the signing should be, how it might be organised, further communication with Pen and Sword Books, my plans for a follow up book etc etc.  All the while two couples were sitting nearby enjoying a coffee listening in with fascination!  Chris and Carole could not have been more friendly, yet professional.  We have pencilled in an evening in early February (I won’t confirm it here yet until we finalise arrangements) and asked me to produce a decent head and shoulders shot for their publicity posters!  It was as if the whole thing was happening to someone else!  They then went back to work, leaving me to explain to the two couples why I could not remove the grin from my face!  So, just to give you a taste, here are some photos of Jarrold, the oldest independent store in the City, the wonderful books on the shelves and the cafe table where the deal was struck!  Cloud Nine isn’t in it……

Jarrold Store, NorwichJarrold's Book DepartmentCafe in Jarrold's Book Department

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