Cringleford Historical Society Talk

Tonight, 18th November, I had the pleasure of taking  stories from Escaping Hitler to the good people of the Cringleford Historical Society, just outside Norwich.

Over fifty people came to listen to me talk about Joe Stirling’s life, my research techniques and publication journey.  It was wonderful to see so many faces, all listening attentively, and to field a good number of intelligent questions.

I tried not to give away my best anecdotal stories but some people did twist my arm.  It is very easy after four years to get a little too familiar with the tale of Günter Stern and his early life in Nazi Germany, so to watch the faces of people hearing it for the first time is always priceless.  Unfortunately no real books to sell quite yet, but I did take some names of those who wish to be kept informed, and all my marketing postcards disappeared!

I really enjoyed the evening and am very grateful to the Society for inviting me along.

My display of research material – always gets a lot of interest
The good people of Cringleford gather to hear me speak
My best ‘speaker’ dress!

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