Day in the Life of a fledgling published Biographer

Today, Friday 29th January.  Started quite normally. Met with Mayor of Thorpe St Andrew (home suburb) to have photo taken with him for the town newsletter.  Went into City of Norwich to have an afternoon off at our favourite watering hole – they are holding their annual Winter Beer Festival (enough said!)  On passing City Bookshop I spotted Escaping Hitler in their front window display.  Photo opportunity!  We then went into Smiths to buy a copy of Suffolk and Norfolk Life – I knew that it was promoting the book.  Sure enough, two page spread complete with photos.  We buy three copies!  On to lunch and beer tastings.  Lovely two hours chatting to a couple from Sheringham.  On way back to bus stop at 5pm (we know how to live!) we took a detour through Waterstones, UK’s leading bookseller, just incase they were stocking my book, but I did not hold out much hope.

We asked at the desk. Sure enough the young woman said they had bought in 10 copies and would I like to sign them!  No way had I expected that!  Gleefully we followed her up the stairs to top floor and there was my display!  She leant me a pen and I signed all ten copies, feeling a little shaky and overawed!  Such a thrill!  Then on the bus and home for a quiet night in.  Wow!  What a day.


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