TODAY, 27th JANUARY 2018 is Holocaust Memorial Day. Sharing BBC film on Joe Stirling.

Last evening, 26th January 2018 BBC Look East (Regional News programme) showed a short documentary created by Senior Reporter Mike Liggins,  on the Kindertransport , featuring Joe Stirling’s story in his own words, using some of the photographs that appear in my biography Escaping Hitler. The piece is introduced by Stewart White and Suzie Fowler-Watt.  For the full story of Joe’s remarkable life and his contribution to Norwich over seven decades, plus more photographs, check the Menu drop down for details on how to order your copy, signed by both Joe and me.


4 thoughts on “TODAY, 27th JANUARY 2018 is Holocaust Memorial Day. Sharing BBC film on Joe Stirling.

  1. Joe, many years ago my mother introduced me to the man who gave her the first job she ever had. That man who due to my own problems I can no longer remember the name of had a roughly scrawled set of numbers on his arm and even though at such a young age I had no idea what they were or meant I was genuinely scared of them. Now as I stand a 37 year old man and love the family I have around me I think back to him and wonder how someone who had seen his family die could be so nice and generous and always thinking of others when we today have people who can have so little happen to them and go on to commit such horrendous acts and blame such petty things.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is thankyou for being you, thankyou for standing tall and strong and being the fine example of what we as humans should be. Keep safe stay strong and their memories live on xx

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    1. Dear Drew – thank you for this profound observation on my blog. I have printed your comment and will give it to Joe when I next see him. He is always delighted to engage with readers and with people who come to see us talk about his life and his biography. He is a remarkable man who has lived many lives in one, always conscious of the debt he believes he owes to GB for taking him in. As a life long member of Lions International he has helped raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for charities both at home and overseas, always giving back. He still enjoys classical music concerts and has many, many friends in Norwich, the city where he made his home with his growing family in 1949. I was honoured to be able to chronicle his 90 years of life in my debut biography Escaping Hitler, and God willing we will be together for a further 15 public speaking engagements in Norfolk that are already in the diary for 2018. Thanks again for contributing to my blog. Phyllida Scrivens, Author, Norwich


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