Month: April 2015


It is done.  Nearly four years, 90,000 words, 70 photographs.  It’s been a manic few weeks but today I finished it.  And then mailed it to Pen and Sword. Within 24 hours of agreed deadline and ten words within word count.  Oh, I know I will get it back with a trillion corrections in about six weeks week time but that’s okay, a major milestone has passed. It felt a little odd, like giving away my baby into the hands of strangers!  Apt really.  Be pleased for me….. give me a Like on my Facebook!  Thanks to everyone who has kept the faith.  Cheers!


Great Publicity in Let’s Talk Magazine

I am indebted to journalist Derek Neale who has included some free publicity for my book Escaping Hitler, in the May edition of nostalgia magazine Let’s Talk Magazine published in Norwich.  The story on Joe Stirling is amongst other articles in a special supplement to note the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War.  Thanks Derek.  I will admit I am feeling the pressure right now with one week to go to my deadline for submission.  Ploughing on, not quite there yet……

Article on Joe Stirling in Let's Talk Magazine


Two weeks to go until my deadline to submit the manuscript to my publisher Pen and Sword Books.  Working hard now on the final edits, captioning photographs, writing my ‘author’s introduction’, checking my format against the ‘House Style’ rules.  Have had final formal interview with Joe Stirling this week, it was a difficult and quite emotional moment saying goodbye, knowing that I will not see him again until after I have submitted the 90,000 words.  As of this moment the manuscript is at 106,000 words so just a few to lose over the next ten days or so.  Wish me luck, there could be some burning of midnight oil ahead.  Will keep you all updated….

Joe, Jean, Jane and Ian in early 1950s.
Joe, Jean, Jane and Ian in early 1950s.


Yesterday during a canvassing visit to Norwich for the Liberal Democrats, Baroness Shirley Williams, Liberal Democrat Peer, was reunited with Joe Stirling.  They last met 61 years ago during her first ever By-election as a Labour candidate.  Joe, then Labour Agent for Norwich, was sent to help out the young 23 year old in her efforts to become an M.P.  Shirley Williams has kindly written a foreword for Escaping Hitler: A Jewish Boy’s Quest for Freedom and His Future, the biography of Joe Stirling, written by Phyllida Scrivens.  This debut book will be published by Pen and Sword during January 2016.

Reunited after 61 years
Reunited after 61 years